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How Much Real Estate Can You Afford

This section features information about how much real estate you can afford.

Getting an idea as to the price of the home you can afford is an important first step in the home buying process. By working together, we can look for real estate in the appropriate areas and find the ideal home for you.  Below is information to help you get a better real estate price point.

Loan prequalification vs. pre-approval
Pre-qualification is the process of determing how much money you will be able to borrow prior to application for a loan without pulling and reviewing credit.  Pre-approval is more comprehensive since it does review your credit report.  Getting pre-qualified for a loan can help you determine what you can afford. Please fill out the following information and we can help you determine at what price you should start looking. Things such as your credit history, your income, your outstanding debt, monthly expenses, employment history, the type of mortgage you want, and the amount of savings, will have an impact on how much real estate you can afford.

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